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  1. Compro barita de alta densidad min. 4.2 o minas de barita en Mexico. Solo se hacen tratos serios y directos. No cadena de brokers. Para explotacion inmediata.
  2. Copper slag from Mexico. 50000 mt . Partial shipment allowed. Details to be specified in the contract. 3000 mt currently in stock (ex-works) and ready for shipment. Inspection: Assayer by seller. Buyer strongly encouraged to perform assay report at sight at well. Description: Copper Slag Iron 30-51% Copper,Gold, Silver < 0.7% Moisture < 3% Contact us for more info.
  3. vendo aprox 25mil ton metricas de escoria/ slag de fundicion de cobre con Fe 50% y Cu,Ag,Au<1%
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