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Reyes Giovy

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Somos la empresa Grupo Berghussen de Lima Peru y podemos proveer concentrados desde Peru(South America)

Mensualmente y bajo contratos MANGANESO  20,000 tons/  ZINC 2,000 tons / PLOMO 2,000 tons / COBRE 2,000 tons, Somos productores y dueños directos.  Agradeceremos contactarnos compradores finales. En caso de brokerks deberan enviarnos una LOI del cliente listo para comprar.

We are direct supplier of concentrated of zinc, manganese, copper and lead.
Original of Peru in South America.
Quantity available: 2,000 Ton/ Month 
We are interested for buyers only. For brokers, you should have an LOI from a client ready to buy. 

We are direct producers mining company Group Berghussen

Wea are waiting for yours requirements or details.
Pls contact by email : [email protected]
Miss: Giovanna Reyes/Mr.Cesar Nieto Berghussen

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